Why is ‘Doubling Down’ in Blackjack Considered a ‘Good Bet’?

Why is ‘Doubling Down’ in Blackjack Considered a ‘Good Bet’?

The Newtown Casino in Malaysia is one of the premier casinos that offer plenty of Blackjack games. As you know, a lot of players play this game simply because the house edge is typically the lowest among the other casino games out there.

Furthermore, blackjack is a game that can easily be won, provided that you understand how the game is played and have some knowledge of the different strategies that are in play. Although card counting is one of the best strategies; it is not that good whenever the casino uses card shufflers.

Anyway, if you want to win in a game of Blackjack, you have to make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Doubling down is one of the most favorable situations a player can be in and this is where the player typically doubles their original wager to allow them to get a particular card.

Although most casinos would allow you to double down on just about any card, there are some institutions that would only limit your strategy to the hands that will amount to a total of either 10 or 11.

In a usual show game that uses 8 decks in total, this will allow you to pretty much double down on anything. And, the good news is that the house edge is also relatively small at less than 1% as well.

By simply following a strategy that works, you can discern whether you should use the double down strategy based on some simple mathematical equations.

Doubling down is actually considered one of the things that Blackjack players can use as it provides you with an avenue to get beat the dealer in the best ways possible.

Whenever the dealer deals a weak hand, such as having a card from 2 to 6, then the 6th card will typically be the weakest.

Why Doubling Down is Worth It

A lot of newbie and casual players are reluctant to use the strategy because they are afraid of the possibility of losing a lot of money. If the notion of increasing the size of your bet scares you, then you are playing with a higher house edge that would stack the odds against you.

Even though some casinos would allow you to place a double bet that is lower than the original once you’ve made, this is quite foolish. That is because you will only use this strategy if you are in a favorable position, which is why it makes sense to double your original bet to win big.

Whenever a casino offers a Free Bet Blackjack, then I recommend that you take advantage of this since the institution will be the one to place the double down wager for you.

This strategy is actually pretty good and it is extremely profitable for a typical blackjack player. If you lose a lot of money, then that means that you aren’t doubling down at the right time. Using this strategy to help you win will require some practice, but once you get the hang of it, expect to win it big in the game.

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