Time Fibre Solutions In the Malaysia

Time Fibre Solutions In the Malaysia

It also has support for technology Multi-User MIMO, which manages priorities better connection of various devices. For example, when someone is streaming a series in 4K, while your children are playing online with the console and another person is making a video call from their laptop. Choose the leading Time fibre in Malaysia for the best results now.

leading Time fibre in Malaysia

Right Opportunities

In these situations, MU-MIMO technology controls the transmission of WiFi data efficiently to each device in a fully automated process so as not to saturate the WiFi network.

In addition to improving connection management, the Time Fibre uses technologies such as Fast Roaming, which guarantee the rapid detection of the user’s location to connect it to the most powerful access point; or the Band Steering that detects the load of the frequency bands and redirects those devices that need more speed to 5 GHz networks, and keeps those that do not at 2.4 GHz.

To these technologies that make the connection in your home more efficient are added others such as Airtime Fairness that identifies which devices need a greater flow of data (consoles, computers, etc.) than those that do not (IoT devices, old devices, etc. ) assigning them different bandwidths, so that the slower ones do not interfere with the data transmission of the faster ones.

Safer and easier to configure networks

The new generation of Time Fibre next uses the latest WPA3 encryption protocols which, while still being compatible with the previous WPA2, offer more robust security in 128-bit encryption of communications transmitted over the home network.

  • This extensive security support allows you to continue using your WPA2-compatible devices, but without sacrificing the extra security provided by the new WPA3 encryption protocol. On the other hand, the WPA3 protocol also simplifies the connection of new devices to the network, which can also be easily managed from the Home Network app installed on your smartphone.

From this app you can configure in just a couple of taps important settings such as the security of your network by setting a new password; improve your performance by changing the broadcast channel or creating a guest network.

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