The Various Effects of Social Media You Might Not Notice.

The Various Effects of Social Media You Might Not Notice.

In this age of high media social usage where everything can go viral in a blink of an eye, it is not surprising that there are some effects of social media we may not notice. First things first, what is social media? To put it simply, it is the interactive technologies that let your contents be created and shared via virtual communities and networks. Let’s name a few popular social media applications known to mankind: Instagram where people posted what they did wherever they are with catchy captions, Twitter where people shared their thoughts about something as simple as their breakfast or something a little bit heavy like current hot issues involving politics and racism, Telegram where people share high quality photos and videos, along with the links of latest movies and Youtube, where people posted their contents in their channels and people subscribe, like and comment on the post. That’s a few of the most used social media among the people all around the world.

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With how unlimited the usage of social media is, it’s obvious that there are effects on them towards the users, whether we realize it or not. Feeling curious about these effects? Here are a few we will discuss today.

Gadget Obsession.

Do you know that kids begin using gadgets like smartphones and tablets at the early age of 4 years old? This is because the busy parents of the 21st century could not afford to give their full attention to their children, making the gadgets a great distraction to their children while the mothers do their household chores and the dads go to work. Thus, kids started exploring social media like Youtube from a very young age and rarely went outside to play with some friends. Some kids can even design their own websites when they are only 11 as they watch tutorials and go to websites like malaysia website design. Thus, this makes them grow obsessed towards social media as they find it hard to let go of their smartphones and go socialising. It’s a common situation that many kids from age 5 to 15 years old refuse to go out of their room in order to do some Youtube or Tiktok content. They love expressing themselves through social media by posting on Instagram and making stories about their day. This obsession is not good as it limits their social skills and communications. Most of these kids are too shy to even speak and some developed social anxiety because of their media social obsession.

Direct Hit to People’s Self-Esteem and Confidence.

It is surprising how big of an effect social media causes to people’s self-esteem and confidence. The first example is how Instagram makes teenagers lose self confidence after looking at the gorgeous body proportion of their same-aged friends. Looking at such posts makes them compare their appearance to the friend’s appearance who received a high number of likes and comments on social media. They start to feel insecure and lose their confidence to be outgoing and talkative in public. In their mind, no one cares about them as seen from their measly amount of followers and likes on Instagram. 


Another negative effect of social media is cyberbullying. It happens in almost every country, as long as social media is used in that region. It’s hard to please everyone, and people get jealous when you get popular on social media. These cyber warriors misuse the freedom of voice by throwing out hate comments, disappropriate images and even death threats to some social media users that they hate. Some users ended up deactivating their account and some became traumatized by the idea of using social media. It’s shameful how much hatred the cyber warriors can spread and causes people to stop posting whatever they love about just because it’s not up to their standard.

Last words

I hope this has been informative to all of you in breaking up the negative effects of social media. It is hard to deny that social media affects some of us badly, especially teenagers as the major user of the platform. However, it is never too late for us to be informed about such effects and try our best to curb the negative effects of social media. Good luck to us all!

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