The 6 Rules of Wearing a Watch that Every Gentleman Should Know

The 6 Rules of Wearing a Watch that Every Gentleman Should Know

Being the only acceptable accessory that a man can wear, it is important that a gentleman knows how to properly wear a watch so that he won’t look like a chump. Even if you have a classic automatic watch, if you are not wearing it properly, you will still some points on style.

That being said, this article will revolve around the rules of wearing a watch that every gentleman should know and adhere to.

Do Not Buy a Dive Watch for a Formal Suit

I see a lot of men wearing a nice dive watch with a formal suit and every time I see one chap looking like that, I always cringe.

A dive watch, though stylish in its own way, should not be paired with a formal suit. The reason why men wear such a timepiece with a suit and tie is probably that they were inspired by James Bond.

Well, first of all, James Bond is a fictional spy and there is a possibility that he will have to swim to save a damsel in distress. Unless you are doing the same thing, wearing a dive watch just to look like the iconic character makes you look like a James Bond-wannabe.

Match Your Watch with the Same Colors as Your Outfit

What is the reason why you are wearing dark clothes or light outfits? Whatever your reason may be, there is also a reason why your watch should match the color of your outfit and that is so that it perfectly blends with the style that you are going for.

You do not want to wear a watch with a black dial on a sunny morning because it just doesn’t look good.

>Beware of the Social Implications of Wearing a Watch

Do you know the reason why it is generally rude for people to see you carrying a smartphone? That is because there is a huge possibility that you might be inclined to check the device even in the presence of others. Well, the same can be applied to checking a watch.

You see, when a person sees you checking your watch and they are still talking to you, it implies to them that you should be somewhere else. That is not only rude but it will certainly leave a negative impression on the people around you.

Pair the Right Watch with Your Outfit

Just like pairing the right watch with the color of your clothes, it is also imperative that you actually pair the right type of watch that is fit for the occasion.

For black-tie events, a simple dress watch with leather straps will look good on you. For your casual wear, you can actually have more freedom, though the matching rules still apply.

Get a Watch that Fits You Perfectly

I know that people are afraid to go against the grain but you have to do it if it means that you are going to wear a watch the right way.

You see, the ongoing trend seems to be that people are going for more oversized watches more than any timepiece that looks good on their wrists. Although that is done purely from a functional standpoint, it just doesn’t look good on a gentleman’s wrist.

That being said, it is still best that you go with a watch that perfectly conforms to your wrist.

Opt for Simpler Watches if Possible

People buy watches for different reasons. If you want a watch that will elevate your style, you are better off buying simpler watches over the more ostentatious ones.

You see, a watch should just be an accessory and just like any other accessory, it should only be complementing your looks and nothing else.

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