Possible Reasons Why Teens Like Body Piercing

Possible Reasons Why Teens Like Body Piercing

Have you noticed how teens have body piercings that are not in the conventional area of their body? Yes, we can easily some teens who have body piercings on their nose or multiple piercings on their ears. Why do you think they like doing that, considering that the process is even painful? 


Well, if you are wondering as well likemaybe your kid is pestering you to allow a body piercing, here are some possible reasons:

  1. They do this as a fashion statement. We all know how teens these days won’t like to be left out. If they notice that body piercings are on-trend, you can be assured that they will right away jump to the bandwagon, fearing that they might be considered as outdated. 
  2. Another reason is that their peers are doing it. You see, some of the new generation today is part of a group. And if that group is having body piercings, you can be assured that no one wants to be left out as it would feel like they are not part of that particular group. 
  3. Sometimes, they just want to be different or they want to show to their networks who they really are. Yes, this is their way of showing their individuality. 
  4. They don’t like to be assumed as someone who is not loyal to the group. Thus, if their group talked about having body piercing, even if one does not really approve, there is a good chance he will still go along in the end. 
  5. There are also times when the reason why a teen will decide to have a body piercing is to show to his parents or elders that he does not approve of their values. He wants to prove to them that there is nothing wrong with getting body piercing. 
  6. For some groups, they also make body piercing as part of their traditional rites. That means, if you are part of the group, you will be forced to do the same thing, or you will be evicted. 

Yes, there are indeed so many reasons for teens to have body piercings and this is why, if your teen child also want to have this, you should explain things carefully why you will not allow this or if you do, you have to make sure he should know where to pierce that is safe. There are so many piercing parlors out there, but you can be assured that not all of them can be relied on. This is why you should be meticulous in picking one as the health of your son is at stake here. 

Well, even if with some risks, body piercings can actually be safe, and your son does not have to do with body piercings that are already obscene to see as those in the nose or tongue. He can have one in his earlobe as a lot of men are already doing this. 

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