Funny Things to Do in Your Kuala Lumpur Vacation

Funny Things to Do in Your Kuala Lumpur Vacation

Kuala Lumpur is said to be a cultural hub, mainly because of its varied influences from different Asian countries, as well as the European colonizers that once invaded the place back then.

You could say that those influences have made Kuala Lumpur one of the best places to go to today. Whether you explore one of their amazing historical sites, have fun in the many bars and Escort FL Girl KL in Malaysia that you can find, or eat some of their delicious foods, Kuala Lumpur is definitely a fun place to be.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the top things you can do in Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoy the Nightlife at Changkat Bukit Bintang

There are some people that want to go bar hopping and enjoy the nightlife. Fortunately for such people, there is a place in Kuala Lumpur known as the Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Here, you can find many different bars and clubs, including a Whisky bar and a gentlemen’s club. This part of the city is known for its vibrant and celebratory energy which is why many travelers can say that it rivals Bangkok’s Koh San Road.

Marvel at the Architecture of Batu Caves

Take a 45-minute drive from the city center to arrive at the majestic Batu Caves. Once you arrive in the place, you will instantly be greeted by one of the tallest statues of the Deity, Murugan.

Anyway, aside from the temples that you can find inside the caves, it is actually its rainbow-color steps that will grab your attention immediately. Not only can it provide you with a great exercise before you enter the temples but it is also Instagram-worthy as well.

Explore Little India

The Indian culture is welcomed by the Malays that there is a dedicated spot for it in the main city. Jalan Masjid India or commonly known as Little India is located in the Brickfields.

When you arrive, you will instantly be greeted by the Bollywood music that is blasting from the many speakers that you can find in the area.

Aside from that, you can see plenty of stalls that sell you a lot of what you can usually find in India, including Indian scarves, sarees, snacks, and you can even have yourself tattooed with Henna on the side as well.

Petronas Towers- Reach for the Sky

I think this needs no introduction. The Petronas Towers is arguably the most iconic landmark in Malaysia. People from all over the world want to see these 88-story towers in real life and rightfully so; it is beautifully made.

The towers stand 452 meters tall and since a lot of people want to go inside the towers, you have to be very early in reserving your tickets.

Drink Up Top Beside a HeliPad

Kuala Lumpur is riddled with bars and cafes, but none will ever trump the experience that you can have while sipping your favorite drinks beside a helipad.

The Heli Lounge Bar is the perfect bar to drink your favorite bar drinks all while you are situated at the top of a building. As the name implies, you are actually going to be right beside a helipad, so you can imagine how tall the structure is.

Be Enchanted by the Fireflies

Kuala Selangor has a long river and when you get to travel it in its entirety at night, you will be enchanted by the many fireflies that you can see. Take note that getting here is an hour’s long drive away from the city center and you will have to contract a driver to help you give a ride to and from the destination.

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