Casino 101: Behavioral Tips

Casino 101: Behavioral Tips

When you are new to a casino place, it is wise for you to have the know how to behave in one. There are some rules that you need to follow as going into a casino is somewhat like a formal thing. As you see in movies and sometimes in real life, there are some rules such as dress code that an individual needs to follow. It is counted as a courtesy for you as a new player to do for your first time. There are some general rules and etiquette that you need to follow. Plus some rules that you need to follow for each game. If you want to play casino online Malaysia, click here.


General rules and etiquettes at a casino place:


  1. You should always be polite – this goes to whoever. It is better for you to greet each player before the start of every game. Gambling is a part of socializing that is most ignored. You could always make new connections during each play and actually most gamble as a hobby.
  2. You should never hand in or tip the dealer of the table – if you do so, it could be counted as cheating and that might get you kicked out of the casino. 
  3. You should not get off from your seat if you want a drink or two or every minute – there would be waitresses that are specially to do so. So it will be better to tip them as they will go back and forth from the bar to serve you the drinks. 
  4. You should not play with your phone at the gambling table – you should rather put it on silent at all times in the casino. If not you might disturb the flow of the play. If you really need to get the call or text back then do it away from the table. Take a moment and leave and get back after you are done. 
  5. You should not be hands on with your chips on the table – this action could be a gesture for someone to cheat. After getting and placing the bet, you should not change your mind and reach out to the table to get your chips back. Again, this will be counted as cheating.


Rules in the game of Poker: 


  1. You should never discuss what you have at hand with the people outside of the play. If you really want to then it is better for you to do that in your mind and talk with yourself. 
  2. You should not reveal anything to the opponent, until you have actually called out your hand. There is a reason they call the game “Poker” which is equal to poker face. 
  3. Do not ever throw in your chips when doing a bet as that is disrespectful and might be confusing to the dealer. 
  4. Focus on the game and do not make a slow decision as it may seem like you are doing on purpose. Better to have quick decisions that should also be the smart ones. 


Rules in the game of Blackjack: 


  1. In the game of blackjack, you should always ask permission to join the table if there are already people seated and the game has just started. 
  2. You should be aware of the gestures used in the game. This is because the game of blackjack does not involve a lot of interaction as well as talking. One wrong gesture, you will lose the game in an instance. 


Rules in the game of Roulette:


  1. You should always ask for chips as you are seated. This game uses a different kind of chips that are different from all the other games in the casino. 
  2. Arrange your chips even when placing a bet. If you cannot reach the place you want to bet, you could ask for some help from the dealer. Do not throw your chips. 
  3. If you have extra chips and you decided to stop playing, you should always cash out the amount. 


Those are some rules or etiquettes that you need to follow in a casino place. As seen listed, the general rules are to be followed every time and are applied throughout the casino place. For some games it has its own special rule that you should follow because of the nature of the game itself. Remember that there are security cameras in every angle of the shop so follow the rules so that you do not get kicked out from the casino place and be banned forever. 

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