The Gamble Between TV Channels

The Gamble Between TV Channels

We have heard about the competition among social media applications and the challenges between digital networks and media networks. But is it so seldom that people know that within the TV media channels, there are competitions among the channels? Their channels are mainly focused on the TRP stands for Television Rating Point. It could be a device that shows the ubiquity of a tv program. It is utilized to judge which tv program is seen most. This gives a record of the choice of the individuals and appears the ubiquity of the specific program. A program with higher TRP shows that the program is seen by a huge number of watchers. Its information is exceptionally valuable for the promoters since they put their promotions amid the programs with higher TRPs.

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TV channels do many things to get a higher TRP than other channels, mainly to get on the number one spot, if they are on the number one spot, it means that they gain more viewers on their channels programs than other channels, thus winning the spot. The majority of the time, TV channels develop programs that generate more viewers for the programs and create traffic towards their channels. Sometimes, TV channels get lucky by just owning one great TV program that generates viewers towards their channel. It is just like a gambling game or any online casino, trying to get to win the game at the end and finding the best way to gamble.

It is definitely based on the genre of the TV channels, certain TV channels focus primarily on developing and creating TV series and playing movies once in a while such as HBO and FoxMovies, while other TV channels telecast TV news and updates and all the political information and news that are currently happening around the world such as BBC and CNN, and then there are the Sports channels such as FoxSport and ESPN that telecast sports news, and all the games including outdoor and indoor activities and competitions that are happening around the world. There are also channels that are dedicated to nature, telecast the beauty and the wonders of nature, and wildlife, such as Discovery Channel and National Geographic.  These channels have their own healthy competition among each other by having something unique and special that attracts the attention of their audience.

Although most of the TV channels are well known and famous for their own benefits and reasons, not all of them have a healthy competition among each other, it is no shame in doing something indigenous in order to gain the number 1 spot in the TRP rating. This is because ethos TRP rating is very important for those channels, as it indicates success and how well their channels name and brand are from the audience point of view.

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