9 Seriously Annoying Blog Design Mistakes You Need to Fix Right Now

9 Seriously Annoying Blog Design Mistakes You Need to Fix Right Now

If you are serious about blogging because you want to monetize your blog, then you have to be serious in making sure that you are not committing some blog design mistakes. Here are some of the most common ones and if you are doing some (or all) of these, then you need to fix them right now:

Website is Unclear

At the end of the day, your blog is technically still a website which means that in order for your audience to love the experience of spending their valuable time there, make it a point to entice them to stay without trying too hard.

If your website has a cluttered interface that is filled with industry jargon, irrelevant and useless images, and a host of other things that can pollute your website, then you have to fix these by removing the ones that provide no value to you or your readers.

Not Using Menus

Website navigation is an important aspect when it comes to blogs because you want people to know exactly where to click in order for them to read your articles.

That being said, if your website’s navigation bar is overcrowded with links, then that means that you are not really utilizing any menus to help tidy it up. Do use some menus to help with blog navigation.

Overloaded Sidebar

Your sidebar should only contain important information and even links to your more relevant content and nothing more. If you think that by adding a gazillion widgets will help your audience, think again.

Your Blog’s Color Scheme is Horrendous

Your main goal is to attract as many people to read your blog as possible. But, in order for them to actually stay on your website, you have to make your blog’s color scheme pleasing to the eyes. Never use clashing colors on your blog as it may make your content harder to read.

Having Big Walls of Text

People actually skim content rather than reading through the entire thing. For this purpose, you want to format your content in such a way that it provides more structure and brevity. Use paragraphs, headers, and lists when necessary.

Too Many Fonts

If you think that using as many different fonts as possible is part of good “creative expression”, think again. If anything, it just annoys your readers because your content is not going to be cohesive. As a general rule, limit your font faces to just 2 or 3.

Not Using Proper Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are essential as you can embed certain links on them. That being said, using words such as “click here” or anything similar to that won’t work and it just annoys your readers. Instead, use some of your keywords and make them your anchor texts.

Social Media Buttons Are Non-existent

When people love a certain blog, they will share the link on their social media accounts. Make it easier for them by adding social media buttons. If they are not prominently placed on your blog, then you will have nearly zero engagement.

Using Low-Resolution Images

With 1080p displays being more common nowadays, using low-resolution images will not only make your photos look less appealing, but it will also drive your audience away. Always use high-quality photos.

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