3 Common Types of Movie Watchers

3 Common Types of Movie Watchers

Honestly, who doesn’t love movies? Besides the various genres they offer, watching movies is a great form of relaxation from your busy schedule and work affairs. You can enjoy watching them on TV with your family members, partners, colleagues and even new friends. It is a good way to strengthen your bond and make new friends. You can definitely make new friends, you know. People usually get along easier as they talk about their favorite movies, so it does make your new friend more comfortable in opening up about themselves. See? There are many benefits to watching movies. Of course they are people who don’t like them, but let’s not talk about them and what they have been missing in their lives. Back to the topic, as you enjoy watching movies with people around you, you would come to realise that there are actually many types of movie watchers. 

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Curious about them? Let’s see 3 common types of movie watchers you might have or never encounter in your life.

The Sympathetic Criers

It is common for people to gather and watch sad movies for fun. Or it could be that your group chooses an action movie in the hope of getting yourself pumped up with the action scenes, but get hit with a sad ending of the movie. Hence, the sympathetic cries are the group of people who cry so easily when watching heart-wrenching scenes. You could be teary-eyed at the scenes and turn around to find them bawling their eyes out for the movie characters. They could have cried more than the actors did, as they sympathised with the characters on an unusual level. Besides, some people especially the girls are sympathetic criers who can get by a sad scene without crying. That is, until other people start to cry. As sympathetic criers, they find it hard not to cry when the others are and usually cry harder than those who started crying first.

The Enthusiastic Theorist

There are also those who get too invested with the movies they watch. They think about the plot and storyline more than other people do. This particular group of people love theorising everything about the movie and usually can figure out what will happen throughout the movie way earlier than others. They love collecting subtle hints in the movies and connect them to some conspiracy theories or past incidents in real life. This type of movie watchers usually is very energetic throughout the whole movie and like watching movies without many breaks in between as they are too curious to watch them to the end. They like to think and use their brain to figure out hidden messages of the movies, although there is actually none. Some people love watching movies with these people as it amazes them how their brains work in deciphering a movie.

The Active Critics

Here comes a type of movie watcher that you might not favor. This group of people loves commenting on every small detail of the movie and might be distracting for others to watch the movie. They usually criticize movies they watch harshly and it is rare that a movie could be saved from their critics. It is advised that you avoid watching movies with them and encourage them to watch with other active critics, for the peace of your mind.

Final Words

In a nutshell, development in softwares through mlm softwares has made it easy for us to watch movies these days. Also, there are many types of movie watchers in this world. People are created different from one another, after all. Some types might be fun company for you to watch movies but you might need some patience for those who don’t. 

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